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Kristin Cavallari hasn’t really done much since her days on Laguna Beach and The Hills.

Or, well, OK, she’s gotten married to professional athlete Jay Cutler, and she’s had three children, so it’s not like she’s just been hanging out for the past seven years.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Vacation Pic
Photo via Instagram

But besides milking her residual reality show fame, she really hasn’t done a whole lot to keep herself in the public eye in recent years.

Until now, that is.

Guys … Kristin just shared a nude photo of Jay Cutler on Instagram.

And we are, as the kids say these days, shook.

Jay Cutler Nude
Photo via Instagram

We’re not the only ones — judging by the comments on this photo, Kristin damn near broke the internet.

"Oh my damn," one smitten person wrote, "And this is why they have three kids and probably just made one… @kristincavallari you are one lucky lady."

"Way better naked than in a Bears uniform," another commented. "Holy hot ass!"

Speaking of the Bears, a lot of people also took the opportunity to make jokes about the fact that Jay was recently cut from his position as quarterback for the Chicago NFL team.

"Maybe the NFL can kiss his ass!" one wise soul suggested, while another teased "So that’s what ya do when no NFL team wants to pick you up."

Jay Cutler & Kristin Cavallari: Michigan Avenue Magazine Celebration
Photo via C.M. Wiggins/

Others took issue with Kristin for posting the photo in the first place, leaving comments like "Wonder if he knows his pic is on insta… I wouldn’t want the world to see my man’s behind that’s for me and privacy of our bedroom."

And that’s a good example of why we can’t have nice things.

Another fun thing about this photo is that it could be considered a nice little "take that, haters!" message for that unbelievable fat-shaming controversy Jay went through a few months ago.

Remember that? Kristen posted a photo of him back in January, and it got a nasty response.

Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler in Mexico
Photo via Instagram

"WTF did he eat himself?" someone asked her, while another hateful jackass asked "Who’s the lesbian on the left?"

Kristin posted a different photo of Jay shortly after, admitting that she agreed he looked like "a 300lb lesbian" in the original photo, which is sort of disappointing.

But the point is that she does read the comments.

And if she’s as agreeable as she’s appeared to be in the past, this could just be the beginning of the Jay Cutler nudes.

God bless us, every one.