Rob Kardashian: I Don't Want a Prenup, I Just Want Blac Chyna!

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Bad news for everyone who thought that Rob Kardashian was going to get his life together ...

But real quick -- why would you ever think that?

Congrats on all the ability to be so remarkably optimistic when the reality of the situation is so painfully obvious, friend

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna on a Date

Anyway, the bad news: you know that thing about how Rob and Blac Chyna keep insisting they're going to get married, even though they apparently can't stand each other?

Yeah, as of now, that's still happening.

And, according to a new report from Radar, it's happening without a prenup.

Go ahead and take a moment to gather yourself, to deal with the shock of hearing the worst idea anyone's ever had.

Ready to continue with this mess? OK.

As a Kardashian insider tells it, Rob wants "nothing to do with a prenup," not even a little bit.

Robby Kardashian

His reasoning is, sadly enough, probably what you'd expect from Rob, the man without a speck of self esteem to be found.

"He's so desperate and determined to get her to marry him, he's offered to go without a prenup," the source claims.

So ... Rob does realize that he's trying to marry Blac Chyna, right? He didn't suddenly forget all relevant facts about the woman he's supposed to be marrying?

Less than two months ago, Chyna took Dream and left Rob. Right before Christmas.

Oh, and also, before she left, she allegedly beat the hell out of him.

Blac Kisses Rob!

Wait, and weren't there some leaked text messages of Chyna's in that whole thing, too? Something about how she was only going to give that "fat, lazy, insecure" Rob one year, then she's done?

Done with a very hefty payday?

Chyna, has, right or wrong, been accused of being a gold digger from the first moment she was seen with Rob. And those leaked texts didn't exactly help.

And that's why Rob's family is so concerned about his refusal to get a prenup.

The source says that "This has gone down like a lead balloon with the family, who are terrified of Chyna's gold-digging reputation."

Rob Kardashian Hugs Blac Chyna

And yeah, that's pretty fair -- who even knows how much money Rob has piled up over the years?

He did several seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, including appearances in his sisters' spin-off shows. Oh, and he's also got that fancy sock company.

Rob isn't the most mature guy, so you'd think he wouldn't be too great with money, but there was a period of time in which he didn't leave his house for a couple years, so how much money can he have really spent?

We'd urge Rob to reconsider this whole thing, but we all know how terrible he is with critical thinking.

So we might as well just go ahead and congratulate Blac Chyna on the money.

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