Kris Jenner: Fighting Blac Chyna For Custody of Dream?

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It's only been three months since Blac Chyna gave birth to Dream Kardashian, but a whole lot has happened since she and Rob Kardashian welcomed their daughter into the world.

For starters, Rob and Blac broke up for the 47,000th time, and this time it seems like they're over for good.

It's anyone's guess as to what that means for their co-parenting relationship, but it seems Kris Jenner is already taking preemptive action to ensure that Dream will remain a part of Rob's life.

Rob Kardashian Hugs Blac Chyna

According to Hollywood Life, Kris is attempting to broker a mutually beneficial custody agreement.

But if both sides are not open to working things out amicably, then she's ready to go nuclear to ensure that her Blac doesn't take advantage of Rob's fragile mental state.

"If Rob and Chyna can't come to an understanding on a fair custody arrangement for Dream, Kris will fight tooth and nail for Rob to get full custody," a source tells the site.

Obviously, Kris is hoping to protect her son's rights as a father and ensure that she has regular access to her granddaughter.

But it seems she's just as concerned with Rob's mental health as she is with Dream's well-being:

Dream Kardashian Sleeping

"Dream has brought so much love, joy and happiness into Rob's life, and there's no way Kris is going to let Chyna take that away from him," says the insider.

It's no secret that Rob has had a rough go of it in recent years.

After struggling with substance abuse, emotional issues, and compulsive overeating, Rob was diagnosed with diabetes last year.

He's already been hosptalized due to a flare-up once since he and Chyna broke up, and family and friends are reportedly concerned that a custody battle could send him into a downward spiral:

Rob Kardashian, Daughter

"Dream is a godsend to him. She's the first thing he thinks of when he wake up and the last thing on his mind when he goes to sleep," the source tells Hollywood Life.

"Just like Robert Kardashian Sr., Rob Jr. is an amazing father, and Kris will make damn sure that Chyna doesn't try to deprive him of seeing his daughter."

Many were concerned that Rob wouldn't be up to the task of raising a child, but thus far it seems he's 100% committed to being the best father he can be.

Now let's hope he's allowed to continue...

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