Paris Jackson: Headed Back to Rehab?

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It's been quite an eventful week in the life of Paris Jackson.

Paris covers the new issue of Rolling Stone, and the decision to put the late Michael Jackson's daughter on the cover of the world's most famous music magazine has been met with considerable controversy.

Now there are reports that being thrust to center stage has caused the 18-year-old a great deal of anxiety, and family and friends are concerned that she might fall back into some of her old bad habits.

Paris Jackson Rolling Stone Cover

Paris attempted suicide back in 2013, and she received several weeks' worth of in-patient psychological treatment afterward.

In the years that followed, Paris has opened up about her addictions (She attends weekly AA meetings.), and her frequent emotional struggles.

Despite her candidness with about her past issues, Paris' family reportedly believes she might be hiding something.

According to Radar Online, the Jacksons are concerned about Paris' recent comments that she believes her father was murdered, and they feel that the all the attention she's been receiving lately is exacerbating her condition.

Paris Jackson in a Car

On top of everything else, Paris' mother, Debbie Rowe, is being treated for breast cancer, and those closest to the aspiriring model believe that she's suppressing a wealth of negative emotions.

An insider tells Radar that Paris' relatives believe she needs “a lot more therapy” and are worried about a “total breakdown that could destroy her.”

“She’s 18, so she’s technically an adult. It’s a little like with Michael, we couldn’t force him, but we could kind of push,” the source says.

The insider claims that Paris' boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, has given the family additional cause for concern, as they believe he's been a bad influence on her.

Paris Jackson, Michael Snoddy Photo

“Paris’ family is certain that she is drinking and smoking pot. They believe that Snoddy is the reason for this and worry that he will be her downfall,” the source claims.

“In fact, Paris has even lost touch with her sober coach because she believes that Snoddy is all the support that she needs!”

Paris and Michael wasted no time moving in together, and the family is reportedly concerned that the semi-employed drummer is using Paris for financial gain.

The insider claims that Paris' uncles, Jermaine and Randy Jackson, recently paid an unannounced visit to check on their niece's well-being, but were turned away at the door:

Paris Jackson Michael Snoddy Photoshoot Pic

“Jermaine and Randy went to the house recently, but when they rang the bell they were shocked because they were told to go away and not disturb the honeymooners,” the source says, adding:

“[Snoddy] has never had a life this good & it’s killing grandmother Katherine!”

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