Jeremy Calvert Defends Parenting, Anti-Leah Messer & Teen Mom 2 Instagram Rants

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Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert is setting the record straight.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Leah Messer's ex-husband discusses his recent beef with the MTV show.

Moreover, he confirms that is engagement to Brooke Wehr is back on, despite the cryptic break-up posts that he posted to his Instagram.

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“Everyone fights and bickers; we had a petty breakup for a few days,” Jeremy told The Ashley. “We are trying to make things work."

"We are trying to figure out a game plan for where we will live. She’s the only female I’ve ever brought around my daughter."

"I feel comfortable with her around Addie," the reluctant star adds, "and Brooke is going to be a great stepmom for my child.”

While he confirms that Brooke did (briefly) break up with Jeremy Calvert, they are back on and committed to one another.

Figuring out a living arrangement (he owns a home in West Virginia and Brooke lives in Ohio), put a strain on the romance.

Not to mention that they're both single parents ... and the constant drama resulting when people watch Teen Mom 2 online.

Calvert tells The Ashley that it's been hard, no doubt:

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“Relationships aren’t easy, and they’re even more difficult when there are kids involved, and worse when there are cameras involved.”

“Yeah… so… ignore all those breakup posts, OK?”

Calvert says that there's "no wedding date planned" at this point, as they try to work through and settle into their "living situation and routine."

Given everything going on, that's probably wise.

Regarding the recent Teen Mom 2 scene that set him off - and led Jeremy to slam Leah Messer - he says it's important to hear his side.

“I texted Leah to tell her I’m going to Ohio, because we had no running water [in West Virginia because of the flooding],” Jeremy said.

“I wanted to spend time with my kid in a non-disaster area!"

Jeremy Calvert, Daughter

"Anyone who thinks that is stupid, sorry. I do not need to check with my ex-wife to see if it’s OK if I take my daughter to Ohio on my weekend with Addie."

“Leah thinks she gets to be in control, that I should have to ask her for permission for everything to do with Addie, and that she gets the final answer."

"That’s just not how it’s going to go,” he pointedly adds. 

As for how things are going with Leah?

"I text Leah every day to ask about Addie and her school, the normal dad stuff, and that’s it. We don’t talk about anything else," he says.

"Things are for sure rocky right now. We are on speaking terms, but that’s about it. I don’t talk to Leah about anything other than Addie." 

"I don’t give a damn what’s she doing in her own life. I could say a lot more about Leah, but I don’t, because of my daughter."

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Wow. As for how MTV is reacting to his Instagram rants about the show’s editing, Calvert says "MTV has not reached out," but if they did?

"I don’t give a damn. I’m going to do it every Monday."

"I’m not just trying to create drama. If they show something positive on an episode, I’ll say it was positive," he says of his motives.

"And if there’s something that they air that makes me look like an a--hole, I’ll say that. I’m not going to hide behind a cell phone to protect my ass."

"I’m not trying to [have people] look past anything I do wrong," he says, rather, "I just want to put the real story out there."

"When you’re married to [one of the Teen Moms], they make you look good. As soon as you get divorced, MTV makes you look like an a--hole."

Leah Messer Calvert, Family

Speaking of ways he looks bad, but isn't, Jeremy said he has no relationship with Leah's twins Ali and Aleeah ... by HER design.

"We talked about that at a Teen Mom 2 reunion one time, but they didn’t air it," he says of her daughters from her marriage to Corey Simms.

"Basically, Leah has said that she doesn’t want me to be part of the twins’ lives because she doesn’t want them to get confused."

"They haven’t been to my place since Leah moved out."

"Everyone gets on me about not being in their lives, but I can’t be in their lives if their mom doesn’t want me to be there," he says.

"They aren’t my daughters."

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