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Note to Kim Kardashian

Get out while you still can.

Your husband has clearly lost it and while you may still love him very much, it simply can’t be healthy to remain in this marriage.

We no longer blame you for meeting with a divorce attorney and contemplating a legal split from Kanye West.

Kanye West: In the Hood

The rapper, after all, made his first public appearance on Thursday since spending nine days in UCLA Medical Center under close supervision due to a nervous breakdown of some kind.

He was spotted at the Rick Owens: Furniture exhibition at the MOCA Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, with Italian artist Giovanni Leonardo Bassan sharing a photo of West’s outing on Instagram later that day.

And West now has blonde hair.

The image features Kanye in very casual clothing: a grey sweater, black jeans and white sneakers.

Which is perfectly fine and everything. Whatever. Be comfortable, man

But we can’t get over the dyed locks on top of his head.

Did he really learn nothing from the time Kardashian went blonde and became the butt of even more jokes than usual online?

Kanye West as a Blonde

Sorry, we know Kanye is having some problems right now and probably doesn’t need to hear this.

But the guy looks ridiculous.

This public appearance took place 17 days after he entered a hospital for treatment.

West was admitted as a patient after he allegedly got into a confrontation with a gym employee, which prompted his personal physician to call 911 out of fear that Kanye might hurt himself or someone else.

He was released from UCLA’s Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital on November 30, having even spent Thanksgiving Day at the facility.

The incident with the gym employee followed a handful of other bizarre incidents.

There was the time he insulted Beyonce on stage… the time he only sang three songs and then ended a concert… and then the subsequent cancelation of the remainder of his Saint Pablo Tour.

Insiders have said Kanye is not dealing well with the stress and pressure that has resulted from Kardashian getting robbed at gunpoint in Paris on October 3.

The anniversary of his mother’s death also took place on November 21, with sources saying West has never properly mourned her passing.

But while the state of Kanye’s mind was called into question for awhile, the issue now at stake and on the Internet is the state of Kanye’s marriage.

Numerous stories have appeared on the World Wide Web of late, all of which have claimed that Kim and Kanye have grown apart since the unfortunate robbery in France.

They are living apart at the moment (for safety reasons, due to Kanye’s breakdown and everything) and neither has issued a statement denying reports that Kardashian is leaving West.

E! News swears this isn’t the case, however.

It quoted a source last week who acknowledged Kim "has many things on her plate" these days and is very "overwhelmed."

HOWEVER: "She wants to get Kanye back on his feet. She is not leaving him. She loves him."

Contrast this claim, however, with an In Touch Weekly source who says that Kardashian has already had divorce documents drawn because she "is miserable and wants this marriage to be over."

Kanye West, Out to Lunch
Photo via Getty

Until we hear from one or both of these stars, we’re not sure what to believe.

Except when it comes to Kanye’s blonde hair, that is.

We know exactly what to believe in that case. Which is this:

The dude clearly needs major professional help. That look is whack.