Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds to Be Laid to Rest at Joint Funeral

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On December 23, the entertainment world was stunned by the news that iconic actress and writer Carrie Fisher had suffered a heart attack while aboard a flight.

Four days later, Fisher passed away, marking an end to both a remarkable career and a frequently turbulent life.

In an almost unbelievably heartbreaking coda to a year defined by loss, Fisher's mother, the entertainment legend Debbie Reynolds, died just one day after her daughter's passing.

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Now, in a fitting tribute to a mother and daughter who were so often inseparable in life, Fisher and Reynolds will reportedly be laid to rest in a joint memorial service.

"I think this is what they would have wanted" a source close to the family tells TMZ.

The idea for a joint service was reportedly inspired by Reynolds' last words, "I want to be with Carrie."

Insiders say mother and daughter will be honored at both a small, private ceremony for family and friends, and a larger, more public memorial service at which fans can pay their respects.

Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher Photo

The relationship between Reynolds and Fisher was often turbulent, but those who knew the screen icons best say their many ups and downs only brought them closer. 

Fisher's relationship with her mother inspired many of her autobiographical writings, including the fictionalized account of her family life, Postcards From the Edge.

The novel was later adapted into a film, with Meryl Streep playing the character based on Fisher, and Reynolds' surrogate being portrayed by Shirley MacLaine.

Both Fisher and Reynolds spoke openly about their relationship, often providing a hopeful example to other families who had been affected by divorce, mental illness, and addiction:

Carrie Fisher in Glasses

“There have been a few times when I thought I was going to lose Carrie," Reynolds memorably told Oprah Winfrey in 2011.

"I’ve had to walk through a lot of my tears. But she’s worth it.”

For better or worse, the relationship between Reynolds and Fisher was a frequent source of public interest, and a dual funeral seems the perfect way to remind the world that while both women experienced countless roadblocks in life, their paths always led them back to each other.

Insiders say further details regarding Reynolds' and Fisher's memorials will be released this week,

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