The Bachelor Premiere Date: Revealed!!

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Nick Viall is ready to kick off 2017 right, and right quick. 

The thrice unlucky-in-love franchise mainstay is set to make his debut as The Bachelor, and ABC has just released its premiere date ...

Nick Viall Appears on ABC's 'Good Morning America'

A perfect cure for your hangover, the Wisconsinite will dole out roses at the mansion beginning with a two-hour episode Monday, January 2.

New year, new Bachelor. Same ... Nick Viall?

One can only hope his fortunes will change this time around, having been dumped by Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette.

Yes, Nick made it all the way into the finale - and the pants of the aforementioned brunettes - of two different seasons of the reality hit. 

Only to be dispatched on both. That's some cold s--t.

He also made a run at love on Bachelor in Paradise, only to lose his girl to Josh Murray (Andi's final rose winner) a second time. Cruel.

Now the roses are in his hands, though! Literally.

According to an ABC release announcing the premiere, Nick is "back stronger than ever, ready and eager to begin his search for true love."

"After all these years, and all the heartbreak, it's finally Nick's turn to hand out the roses. Will he finally find that love he's craved?"

"He believes in finding love on the series."

Clearly. Fourth time's the charm!

Nick Viall Instagram Pic

Fans were stunned when ABC named Nick Viall The Bachelor in August, as he seemed like a total mismatch to carry the 21st season.

After all ... haven't we been there and done that?

Especially with JoJo Fletcher suitors Luke Pell or Chase McNary waiting in the wings, few if anyone thought Nick would get the job.

That includes Nick himself, to hear him describe it.

Chris Harrison, who will of course be returning for a 21st season at the helm, says that at the end of the day, fans need to chill because:

1. The producers knows what they're doing.

2. Nick is actually an awesome guy!

Nick Viall Laughs

"Look, the good news is it's worked for him. He has fallen in love on this show and he has sincerely tried to make it work," Chris said.

"Unfortunately, he's just come up a little bit short each time."

"He's done his part, he will give himself to this process."

"He is that sincere guy who really does want to make this work," the host said, adding that Viall was simply the best candidate.

"Again, at the end of the day this wasn't an indictment on Luke or Chase as much as it was more of a compliment to Nick."

You buying what Chris is selling?

Last season, the show was #1 among women 18-34 in its time slot, and our guess is that the upcoming season will no different at the onset.

Where will the Chicago software salesman end up among THG's list of the hottest - and/or most lucky in love - Bachelors of all time?

That remains to be seen, of course.

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