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Filippo Corsini, an Italian Prince, was killed in London after a freak cycling accident that dragged him through 30 yards of intersection after being caught under the wheel of a large truck. 

The Evening Standard reported that Corsini succumbed to his injuries 30 minutes after being taken to the hospital. 

Philippo Corsini Facebook Photo

He was originally on his way to Regent’s College in London, where he studied international business. 

Corsini hailed from a noble family in Florence, Italy, and died from "catastrophic injuries." 

The Standard reported that his family is one of the oldest in Florentine history, dating all the way back to the Middle Ages. 

Corsini was also an avid equestrian, and left behind his horse, Bella, in addition to his surviving family. 

Some of the condolences on his Facebook account included, "With your smile, with the laughter you gave us and the great undertakings you accomplished with your beloved Claretta Bella, we will never forget you. Bye, Prince. RIP."

Philippo Corsini Before Death Picture

Another wrote, "I cannot believe it, he was a wonderful boy. I think about his mother Clotilde, his grandfather Paolo and all the other relatives whom I don’t know. I hug them all, with huge sadness."

Corsini, just 21 years old, wasn’t a slacker, like most students his age. 

A fellow Regent’s alumnus was interviewed, and recalled that Corsini was a hard worker despite his aristocratic background.

"He was a good guy," the friend said.

"I sat next to him in class and I’d see him rushing in with his bags every day."

"He was a very nice guy, very hard working," he revealed.

"He was studying global management. Everyone was shocked when we got the message last night."

The 42-year-old driver is currently being investigated over suspicion of causing "death by careless driving."

The unnamed driver was bailed till December, and is still under investigation. 

Philippo Corsini Death Scene Photo
(The Evening Standard)

RIP, Philippo.  

And may London regulate their unsafe streets, making them more safe to navigate for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The cyclist/pedestrian death rate in London has skyrocketed over the years, and sad as it is to say, Philippo was the second student to be killed in a week’s time after being hit by a truck.