The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1: Batter Up!

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Finally, right?

We finally have the answer we've been waiting for ever since The Walking Dead signed off many months ago with one of the most controversial cliffhangers in TV history.


Negan on The Walking Dead

Ever since the AMC drama signed off with this villain swinging his bat at the head of an unidentified main character, fans have been clamoring to find out just who would be written off the series.

And The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 did not disappoint.

At least not in terms of delivering a pair of legitimate death blows.

We learned right away that Rick survived (of course) because the premiere opened with Negan having already  “taken his turn at bat,” prompting our leader to swear that Negan will one day pay with his own life.

After dragging Rick away for a little one-on-one time, the show flashed back to Negan's first kill:

Rest in peace, Abraham.

After the first blow, Sgt. Ford spat back at his killer, telling him to “Suck. My. Nuts.”

Instead, Negan continued to bash his skull in with Lucille.

Negan vs. Rick

“Look at my dirty girl,” he said of the weapon, holding it in front of Rosita.

When she couldn’t look at the bat, Daryl leapt to her defense, which led to Negan’s second kill. Yes, his second kill.

“I need you to know me,” he told the Alexandrians, quickly striking Glenn so hard in his head that he made his eyes pop.

Before Negan finished off this murder, though, Glenn turned to his wife and vowed: “Maggie, I’ll find you.”

Proving himself to be a legitimate psychopath, Negan then joked that Lucille was still thirsty because she is a “vampire bat.”

After Negan finally departed, taking Daryl with him because he was impressed that Daryl was “not a little bitch,” Maggie blamed herself for Glenn and all of them having been out there in the first place.

And Abraham and Glenn’s bodies were picked up by their friends and loved ones, viewers were treated to a glimpse of a gorgeous future that would never be.

In this future, everyone was together.

Abraham was alive... and so was Glenn, but that's not all. He was alive with his and Maggie’s baby on his lap.

“We still have a lot more to do,” creator Robert Kirkman appeared on Talking Dead last night, adding:

“We’re setting the stage for a lot more to come. There is so much that comes out of this scene that has to be resolved. We felt like, as many years as we’ve been doing this, we wanted to send a clear message that we are just getting started and there is a lot that is going to be coming from this.”

Use the following video to watch The Walking Dead online and then respond to the poll below:

We've seen The Walking Dead feature some pretty brutal murders before, but nothing like what happened to Abraham and, most notably, Glenn.

Did the series go too far by depicting these gruesome deaths?

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