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When the world first learned that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are dating, lots of folks believed that the relationship was a stunt designed to help two people who are only famous due to their relationships with Rob’s sisters hammer out careers of their own.

Those people were almost certainly right.

But even though he’s not convincing the public, Rob is doing an admirable job of convincing himself that all is well in ChyRo Land.

Rob posted the above video tribute to Chyna on In during what looks to have been a pretty fun weekend.

He captioned it:

"What a great year I’m so Blessed to have met the best Mama in the world," the reality star, 29, captioned an adorable video montage of himself and his pregnant love, 28.

"Chyna and I got my baby girl about to be here. CANT WAIT. THANK YOU GOD FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO!! Season Finale tonight of #RobandChyna ! THANK YOU to all who supported us and LETS F–KING GO DODGERS MAN!!"

Well, Rob got his wish on that last note, as Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers shut out the Chicago Cubs to tie the series at 1-1 last night.

Rob Kardashian and King Cairo

Rob went on to post the above photo of himself and Blac’s son, King Cairo, in honor of the boy’s birthday:

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING!!! THANK YOU for letting me see what a great Mama you got ! That was the first thing I fell in love with.

"The way she Loves FOR You is something I can’t wait for!"

Rob and Chyna Photograph

"Can’t wait for the bond I’m going to have with my daughter so Thank You King for allowing me to see that! Everybody Loves You! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOOHOOOOOO TURN UP ! GO DODGERS"

If you watch Rob and Chyna online, you know that the relationship between these two doesn’t seem to be quite so joyous offline, but hey, appearances can be deceiving – especially on reality TV.

It’s nice to see the formerly lethargic Rob get so excited about something.

Though frankly, we’d rather see him find a nice, content middle ground, rather than a manic high.