Kylie Jenner Undergoes a HOT MESS Makeover, OUCH!

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Kylie Jenner's style is going down a road we think is best avoided. 

In her recent Instagram posts, she's shown wearing a black bandeau bra with oversized aviator sunglasses. 

While that in itself isn't evidence enough to call her "hot mess," that dry, damaged, rooty, nasty-lookin'-weaved hair surely is. 

Kylie Jenner Hot Mess Makeover Picture

The only thing certain about this pic is that she's about that hot mess life. 

It positively reeks with it. 

Honestly, what's she even doing with this hair? 

The color's terrible, it looks like it's slicked with some kind of gunk, and can you even imagine trying to get a brush through that business? 

We can't ... and we won't even try.  

Kylie Jenner Hot Mess Makeover Photo

The only thing she's really got going for her with this look is her body - which is undeniable hot, with a serving of mess on the side.  

Girlfriend, however, should really start rethinking her entire look

It might be 80 degrees on the left coast, where she spends most of her time, but for someone whose family is so ensconced in the fashion world, she should really know better, and realize that she's not exactly rocking a fall look. 

Kylie's not a stranger to breaking all the rules, but some are in place for a reason - and Kylie looking like it's mid-July 2001 is the rule that broke Anna Wintour's back. 

Rethink it, girl, and go back to a place where things looked a little ... uh, "neater," shall we say? 

Kylie Jenner Cringe GIF

Kylie's looked much better before - and unless she's allowing Tyga's essence to pervade every inch of her being she can recover. 

If that doesn't frighten you to a level beyond all comprehension, perhaps you've not been paying attention. 

It wasn't too long ago, after all, that Kylie looked like this: 

Kylie Jenner Has Freckles!
Kylie Jenner, Freckles

There has to be hope coming back from the garish, cotton-candy meth blonde, right? 

She's a Kardashian, after all - and how would it even be possible for Kris Jenner to allow one of her children to walk around looking like an advertisement for What Not to Wear? 

Only one thing is certain - if this new look is the effect of Tyga on Kylie's sense, she better do everybody - including herself - a solid and get far, far away from this mess before it implodes in front of her very eyes. 

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