Kylie Jenner: Watch Tyga Basically Massage Her Vulva!

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If Tyga's hand got any closer to Kylie's vulva, we'd have a full-on sex tape on our hands. 

... Not that we're saying there is one, or that we've seen it, because that just wouldn't be entirely accurate. 

Enough. The photo. 

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Get Too Close for Comfort Photo

Kylie shared the pic on her Instagram and simply captioned it with a cat face, which is, you know, slang for kitty, which is slang for Donald Trump's favorite word, "p-ssy."  

Girl, get a grip, and stop posting pictures of Tyga getting his grip on you.  

If you're gonna make that tape or release those photos, you better hurry up and do it. 

The public's interest is waning fast. 

Kylie Instagram Photo

In recent days, she's talked about sex with Scott Disick, talked about being dressed up as a teenage prostitute, and decried boob jobs. 

As you can obviously tell, sex is on her mind in a very hardcore kind of way.

To be honest, we think she's taking Kim's temporary exit from the main spotlight a little too seriously. 

Gotta strike when the iron's hot, though, or whatever. 

Kylie Jenner Lips: HUGE!

Last week, it was reported that Tyga was warned not to get mixed up with Kylie and her kooky family, which is probably why he's milking his "entitlement," and making Kylie look like a damn fool in all of her social media snaps. 

Kylie revealed that Tyga's friends just weren't that into her, and advised her not to date the Rack City rapper. 

"The first year we started hanging out," she said, "everyone around him told him not to be with me." 

"I still get comments like 'Don't be with him,' " she revealed. 

Tyga Kylie Jenner Blond Hair Yeezy Season Four

For his part, it's been rumored that Tyga's been cheating on Kylie from the get-go. 

Perhaps she should have listened to his friends and, you know, everybody else with a drop of sense in their heads. 

In April 2016, Tyga was accused of cheating on Kylie with model Tiffani Kathleen Birdas. 

About Tyga, Birdas said, "It was like a dream." 

(More like a nightmare.) 

"Tyga was lovely; he was really relaxed and chlled and really humble," the model gushed. 

"There was no talk of Kylie or the Kardashians or any family stuff." 

Tyga Saks New York Pic

Tyga was even once reported to have given Kylie and STD - the gift that just keeps on giving. 

Prior to - and likely after? - dating Kylie, Tyga was rumored to have slept with up to 100 women. 

Rumor had it that Kylie was terrified that Tyga had transmitted something terrible to her, so she hired a PI to find out about his past history. 

"Everyone [was] urging her to get herself tested, but she's too frightened right now, even though eventually she will have to face getting answers."  

Kylie Jenner Cringe GIF

Yeah, girl, us too. 

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