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A South Carolina mother took to Facebook to reveal she got the shock of her life when her 12-year-old daughter was shamed at school.

Or shamed for wearing a skirt to school, to be exact.

The skirt was deemed "too short" by a teacher, but the plot thickened when it became apparent that the skirt did in fact comply with school rules.

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The whole thing started when Reese Franyo was called out in the hallway of Moultrie Middle School, in full view of other kids. 

It was Reese’s art teacher who made comments about the skirt.

She went as far as saying Reese should "be clubbing."

If the teacher wanted to raise concerns about the outfit, that should have been done more delicately, and out of earshot of the other kids.

Things took a turn for the worse when Reese was ordered to the office and had to call her mother to bring her a change of clothes. 

When her mother found out about this … she lost it.

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This is obviously a ridiculous situation to any rational observer, and Reese’s mother, Suzie Webster, seemed to think so, too.

It didn’t take long for her to let the school know it, either.

Suzie was adamant that her daughter’s skirt was within the requirements for the school and went straight to see the principal. 

The principal measured the skirt, and well, Webster was right.

Rightfully, both mother and daughter received an apology about the whole thing and how it was handled when it all was said and done. 

Still, the damage was done, and it didn’t sit well with Webster after her daughter was embarrassed by the whole situation. 

Being asked to change into different clothes by the administrator and tell them that she would never wear the clothing again?

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Pretty bad experience for the young girl to go through, and erroneously at that.

Her mother wasn’t happy, recalling afterward that she did everything right:

"We spent weeks looking for shorts and skirts long enough to be appropriate."

"This skirt is the exact same length as the ‘uniform’ skirts I bought at Old Navy."

"Yet suddenly she was made to feel trashy because according to her teacher and authority figure, she looked like she belonged in a club!"

Suzie received a lot of support since her post went viral, but was quick to make it clear that she understands why there are strict dress codes.

She says she will happily abide by them, too – but it’s up to the school to consistently establish them accurately and act appropriately.

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Proving that there are no hard feelings – and possibly gloating a little at being vindicated – she shared the image above in the aftermath.

In the days after the incident, she even got a matching outfit in vein of her daughter’s one that caused all the controversy. 

What do you think about all of this?

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