Demi Lovato Adds to Unusual Tattoo Collection

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Demi Lovato must be doing pretty well these days.

Demi Lovato with Her Dog

This didn't seem to be the case just a few weeks ago, not after Lovato quit Twitter due to disgust over the behavior of online trolls.

(She would return a mere 24 hours later.)

And not after Lovato wondered out loud about the state of the world and what was wrong with so many people.

But things have clearly brightened up for the young star, perhaps following her well-reviewed speech and performance at the Democratic National Convention on July 25.

Did you catch it?

If not, we've got you covered:

So why we do we say that Lovato is in a happy place at the moment?

Because we took a look at her left pinky finger!

The 23-year old unveiled a new piece of body art via Snapchat on Sunday, sharing a video of her finger and the smiley face that now adorns it.

"Cause life's too short not to tattoo your pinky," she wrote as a caption to the footage.

Really, can anyone object to this statement?!?

Demi Lovato Finger Tattoo

The two-picture post flashed between a close-up on her aforementioned finger and a glam shot of her head, which also featured something fairly new:

Long, curly extensions in her natural raven shade.

It looks like Lovato is making a few changes, and we can't blame her.

Just a few weeks ago, Demi ended her six-year relationship with Wilmer Valderrama.

And while things appear to be amicable between the singer and the actor, a break-up is always the ideal time for one to assess where one stands in life.

And to maybe make a few changes here and there.

Then again, getting a tattoo isn't really a big change for Lovato.

She has more than 25 works of body art, including the words "You Make Me Beautiful" across her rib cage and 12 birds flying up one arm (representing the 12 steps she completed post-rehab).

The beloved artist also has "Stay Strong" written on her wrists.

What was the basis for that slogan?

"So anytime that I would feel triggered to either self-harm or act out in an unhealthy behavior, I could look down at that and stay strong," she said in 2014.

Powerful stuff.

Lovato has never been afraid to publicly discuss her troubled past... and present.

"Like millions of Americans, I'm living with mental illness — but I'm lucky," she said on stage at the DNC late last month,

"I had the resources and support to get treatment at a top facility. Unfortunately, too many Americans from all walks of life don't get help, either because they fear the stigma or cannot afford treatment.

"Untreated mental illness can lead to devastating consequences, including suicide, substance abuse and long-term medical issues."

We salute Lovato for being such a loud voice in this struggle.

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