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Chad Johnson has some regrets about his short stint on Bachelor in Paradise. 

The reality TV villain first appeared a few months ago on ABC’s The Bachelorette and ruffled a lot of feathers. 

Chad Johnson Flips
Photo via ABC

It was clear he was a villain from the get-go and a lot of people on the show were frightened of his unpredictable nature. 

Some of the other contestants on the show even compared him to the likes of Hitler and Donald Trump. 

That shows how bad things were on the show. The producers were no doubt ecstatic at having such a huge troublemaker on the show, so it was pretty much a given that they would want him again. 

If you watch Bachelor in Paradise online, you’ll know that Chad was kicked off the show in the season opener

His usual unpredictable nature came out to play when he got really drunk. 

Host, Chris Harrison even got into an explosive argument with the contestant. 

Johnson did not take too kindly to being booted off the show, so he reacted with anger. 

You don’t threaten your fellow contestants with violence and expect to continue on the show. 

That said, Chad does have some regrets from his short appearance on the show. 

He did feel bad for threatening to kill everyone. 

"The main thing – yeah, I said I was going to cut people’s arms and legs off, but a smart person knows I’m not going to kill someone on camera. I have a job. I have things to do. I’m joking."

He also addressed his arrogance. 

"But then you get to the parts where I’m like, None of these guys deserve this chick. I’m better than all of them," Johnson said.

"And I’m like, yeah, okay that makes me off like super arrogant. I get that."

The star then proceeded to complain about the editing of the show. 

"Some of those things were taken out of context and moved around from when I actually said them to when it was placed in the show," he complained. 

Maybe he and Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 would make good friends. All she does is whines about the editing on the MTV hit. 

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