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Well, this is … digusting.

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He’s currently serving time in a Pennsylvania jail for burglary, but what’s one more pending charge?

26-year-old Joshua Long is now facing accusations that he used a human brain to get high, according to the Huffington Post.  

He was charged on July 15th with "abuse of a corpse."  

Long’s aunt found evidence (the evidence being the brain) under the porch of a trailer that once belonged to her sister, Angela Micklo and Robby Zoller, who are currently on the lam from police for robbery.  

She was cleaning the place when she came across it, and called police immediately.

The brain was in a display container inside a Walmart bag.  

Apparently the formaldehyde used to preserve the organ can also get someone super high.  

The term authorities use is "wet" marijuana, where you soak the drug in the formaldehyde before inhaling.

This causes an "intense, hallucinating, and dangerous high."

Dude Tries, Fails to Shove Bag of Poop Down Woman's Pants in Broad Daylight. #NYC.

Long and Zoller used to smoke this wet marijuana together, and had left the evidence behind.  Under a porch.  In a trailer park. 

Poor brain.

According to police records, Long and Micklo nicknamed their temporary toy "Freddy" during their prison conversations, an apparent code name.

The brain was brought to Cumberland County Coroner Charley Hall, where it’s believed that it was used for teaching purposes.

"At this point now we’re just trying to figure out where it came from," Trooper Robert Hicks told the press.

"We’re hoping that if anyone is missing a human specimen brain to bring it to our attention and maybe we can return it to its rightful owner." 

Pat Beck, a neighbor in the trailer park, was shocked when she saw police arrive.

"It just scares me to death," she told Fox 43.

"I didn’t think they were that kind of people, but nowadays, you never know."