Paris Jackson Relapsing? Family Fears Worst as Shocking Photos Surface

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Is Paris Jackson headed down a dark path again?

Paris Jackson, Michael Snoddy Photo

The troubled, 18-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson proudly claimed to be a member of Alcoholics Anonymous earlier this year. 

She seemed to be on the right track, but are new photos of Paris with her rocker boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, 26, cause for alarm?

The entire Jackson family is reportedly "terrified" over her outrageous behavior and believes things could get out of control fast.

At issue? Radar published shocking photos of Jackson and her much older man while on vacation in Palm Springs, California.

Jackson and Snoddy have been inseparable since they started dating just a few months ago, when she broke up with Chester Castellaw.

She and Michael (Snoddy) met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in L.A., and immediately hit it off ... but are they off the wagon?

After she was seen buying Heineken beer on Wednesday, it's understandable why those close to Paris are fearing the worst.

According to a source close the the Jackson family, "Paris is 18 now and there is not really much that anyone can do to stop her."

Wouldn't the law stop her from drinking, on a side note? We suppose her boyfriend could've legally purchased the beer. Forget it.

"Of course her family is worried! They are absolutely terrified and have worried about Paris non-stop since her dad Michael died."

"But, up until now, they did not have any proof," said source. "Paris tells her family that she is still sober and that her boyfriend is, too."

"She claims to be going to A.A. meetings and working with a sponsor. In these photos it looks like Paris wants be [seen] carrying beer."

"She could have had someone else carry the beer for her," the insider notes, regarding how this story got out, "but she did not!"

Prior to turning 18, Paris was under a court-appointed guardianship of her grandmother, Katherine, 85, and cousin, T.J. Jackson, 37.

This had been in place even before the Paris Jackson suicide attempt of 2013, a disturbing incident that rocked her family to its core.

Even though she recovered, relations with her family remain strained - or at least tenuous - even in good times. Fast forward to this week:

"Katherine called Paris and told her to come back home to L.A. immediately. But Paris did not. Instead she hung up on her own grandmother."

"She answering her texts or calls now. She's not responding to anyone! Paris has a lot of money now and does not listen to what anyone says."

"She knows that no one can cut her off from her fortune, and as much as she says she hates the attention, she absolutely loves it."

Paris, scarily, "is getting a huge taste of fame now."

Here's hoping it won't end very, very badly.

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