Michael Jackson Liked to Dress as a Clown to Party With Strippers, Conrad Murray Claims

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It's been seven years since Michael Jackson passed away, yet the wild rumors of the ever-controversial King of Pop's lifestyle show no signs of letting up.

Michael Jackson, Pepsi

Just last month, it was reported that Jackson slammed Prince as "rude" and "nasty" during the time when the two men were the biggest pop stars on the planet.

Now, Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of manslaughter in connection with Jackson's death from a drug overdose has written a tell-all that contains a bevy of shocking new bombshells about Jackson's frequently bizarre behavior.

TMZ has obtained an early copy of the book, and the revelations inside certainly paint an - interesting portrait of a man who was as well known for his unorthodox personal life as for the celebrated catalog of music he left behind.

For starters, according to Murray, Jackson enjoyed partying with strippers - a lot.

These weren't the usual "makin' it rain and poppin' champagne" stripper parties, though.

Murray claims Jackson liked to invite exotic dancers and call girls to hotel room parties - and when they arrived, he would be dressed as a clown.

Believe it or not, it gets weirder.

Jackson also liked spending time with non-professionals, and he would often fake accents and - for some reason - pretend to be a stroke victim in order to meet women.

Yeah, we don't get it either.

Apparently being fabulously wealthy and one of the most famous men on the planet didn't do the job?

Anyway, if you're looking the guiltiest of guilty pleasure summer beach reads, Murray's book hits stores and Amazon next week.

We recommend using an e-reader.

Everyone will think your jaw is in the sand because of the latest Stephen King, or something.

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