Krista Keller: Writing Tell-All Book on Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison!

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Yeah, we'll totally read this book.

More than likely, you'll find it in the "humor" section. Or perhaps "dramedy"?

Krista Keller, Courtney Stodden

But, yes, it's true. Worst Mom of the Century Krista Keller is cashing in once again on her daughter Courtney Stodden's almost-fame and writing a book entitled Too Much! that promises to give away all their dirty secrets, according to Radar Online.

You know, starting from when Krista sold out 16-year-old Courtney to a 50-year-old has-been (or barely even was) actor and allowed them to marry.

She says the reason she gave the marriage to Doug Hutchison her blessing is because Courtney was just so mature.

See? It's hilarious already!

"The reason I allowed this marriage was I thought Courtney was an old soul. Like Bo and John Derek. She was so mature for her age," Krista said.

"She had all these young guys and she thought they were nothing."

Maybe because they were in high school - as 16-year-olds tend to be - and couldn't offer the possibility of fame and fortune?

But Krista also pushes the (ir)responsibility of the questionable marriage onto Courtney's dad.

"Courtney's father was going to sign the papers but he had a hole punched in his license, so he couldn't sign," she explained.

"It wasn't just me."

Awesome. So they both sucked.

Krista also assures the public that she's really a totes normal person with a lovely life and just can't believe the way she's been portrayed in the press or on The Mother/Daughter Experiment, the reality show in which we got to see all of Krista and Courtney's mad dysfunction.

"People just don't know that I have a wonderful family and two other wonderful daughters," Krista said.

"I have four grandchildren that love me dearly. I have a very, very good life. I read this stuff about me and wonder 'Who are they talking about?'"

At the moment, Courtney is pregnant with Doug's child, and her baby bump is almost as big as one of her boobs!

We can only hope that baby at least has the guidance of a rational, level-headed nanny to give it some semblance of reasonable humanity.

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