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There’s nothing quite as riveting as a new celebrity feud, but is Jessica Alba really on the outs with Drew Barrymore?

It sure seems like these reports are coming from thin air. 

Jessica Alba And Drew Barrymore Looking Great
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Both Jessica Alba and Drew Barrymore are successful women.

They each have a string of hit movies, so this one was always a little odd and pretty unbelievable.

According to Star, Jessica Alba was not about to let Drew Barrymore become competition, so she "flat-out refused to help."

It’s great to see celebrities branch out, but they don’t always have to be arguing to get further. There is such a thing as going too far and it seems that’s exactly what has happened here. 

It all sounds pretty crazy. They’re probably the least likely celebrities to become embroiled in a feud, so these "reports" do come as quite the shock.

“Drew has done really well with her Flower Beauty brand and wants to expand,” and “with her recent divorce, she’s more focused than ever on her kids, Olive and Frankie, so she figured baby products were the way to go,” the source continued. 

It all sounds pretty innocent on Drew’s part. They can both be successful, so all of this is a bitter pill to swallow. 

The claims got crazier. 

“Jessica even scoffed at the idea that Drew’s company could hold a candle to hers.”

“Drew was floored — she just wanted to pick Jessica’s brain about a few ideas and thought moms stick together.”

That’s not a way to treat one of your best friends. There is such a thing as competition, but this just comes across as malicious. 

Sources confirmed to Gossip Cop that this DID NOT happen

There we have it. It never happened. 

Will they announce a joint business venture next? 

What do you think about all of this? 

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