Jeremy Calvert: Selling Wedding Ring From Leah Messer on eBay??

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Jeremy Calvert is really over Leah Messer.

So over the Teen Mom 2 star, in fact, that he wants to sell the wedding band she gave him to the highest bidder on eBay.

The Calverts

Guess all that drunk flirting between Leah and Jeremy at dinner a while back didn't amount to much.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jeremy is doing some spring cleaning and took to Instagram to post some of the items he plans to hawk on the auction site.

Among them was the wedding ring, for which the starting bid he announced would be $500.

I know five hundos is just a jumping off point, but still... that's IT?!

After fans came at him with the hate, he shot back at them with some pointed instructions.

“You all should know what she done with her wedding set so kiss my white ass!” he wrote in the comment section.

He did not elaborate on what Leah did with her rings, so we can just leave that up to the imagination.

Eventually, Jeremy deleted the post, and we haven't seen the ring on eBay thus far.

It appears to be a time of purging for Jeremy.

We recently learned that he intends to quit Teen Mom 2 for good and will forbid Adalynn, the daughter he shares with Leah, to appear on the show as well.

“Jeremy is over it,” revealed a source.

“He’s tired of being attached to this show, and now that he and Leah are divorced, he doesn’t want to be part of her drama," the source added.

"He’s tired of dealing with all the negativity that comes from him being on the show, too.”

If Jeremy's tired of the drama, he might be better advised to take the ring to a pawn shop for a discreet trade, rather than post to one of the world's largest social media sites to announce its sale.

Just a suggestion.

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