Danielle Campbell Topless Pics Leak, Louis Tomlinson Reacts with Outrage

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Louis Tomlinson may have a very pretty face.

But the singer was forced to react to a very ugly development this week.

Louis Tomlinson Sings
Danielle Cambell at Comic-Con

Early on Thursday, TMZ posted numerous pictures of Tomlinson on a Mexican vacation with girlfriend Danielle Campbell. They were either at a private residence or on a yacht, it was not clear.

But this much was very clear:

A photographer managed to capture shots of a shirtless Tomlinson taking off the bikini top of Campbell, who proceeded to sit around topless.

Yes, TMZ censored Campbell’s nipples with tiny black marks, but the damage was done and the outrage was strong across the Internet.

The hashtag #RespectDanielle started to trend on Twitter, as many were reminded of how Justin Bieber nude pics also sprung up last year while the artist was on vacation.

“I just woke up to those pictures of Danielle and I’m offended that TMZ was okay with taking them #RespectDanielle," wrote one Twitter users, while another added:

“danielle deserves privacy over her body. those pictures are disgusting."

Random Internet people were not the only people pissed off, however.

Tomlinson summarized his feelings with a simple Tweet yesterday that read:

“The privacy laws are f-cked up."

The brief straightforward message was accompanied by an angry-face emoji.

This actually marks the first public comment either Tomlinson or Campbell have made about their relationship.

The artist and the actress have been together for several months, with things heating up to the point where there's talk of a Tomlinson and Campbell engagement.

This also marks the end of a very bad week for Danielle Campbell.

SPOILER ALERT, but her character of Davina was killed off The Originals Season 3 last Friday.

She still gets to go home to Louis Tomlinson and wake up next to Louis Tomlinson and have sex with Louis Tomlinson... so we can't feel too badly for her.

But still. This sucks.

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