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Yesterday, Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna ended their longtime feud, shocking some fans while disappointing others who were mightily entertained by the constant drama.

Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner Selfie!

We may or may not fall into the latter category.

While the ladies may or may not have been thrilled about it, they ultimately decided to bury their beef for the sake of Rob Kardashian.

Being Kylie’s brother and Blac’s finace, the sock designer is tickled pink that the two have made nice.

He took to Instagram to share the selfie Kylie and Blac shot (pictured above) and expressed his glee.

"So happy my girls finally got to talk and make peace! #MyFamily #AllLove," he wrote in the caption.

If you ask us, the expression on their faces reads more, "I’ma snatch that wig off your head if you look at me sideways" than "I LOVE you, sis!" but it’s a start.

Kylie shared a similar selfie to Snapchat yesterday and included a caption no one bought.

"When we’ve been best friends the whole time.." she wrote.

Blac reciprocated by posting a face swap pic with Kylie, writing  "Hanging out with my lil sis."

Well, this is all super special.

Next we’ll see Rob and Blac and Kylie and Tyga laughing and talking Lamborghinis on a double date at Chili’s.

The mastermind behind the most trivial peace summit on earth was none other than the selfie queen herself, Kim Kardashian.

Sources say Kim had her brother’s happiness in mind when she called up her former BFF Blac for a heart-to-heart.

She convinced Blac to put her issues with Kylie behind her, which led to the now-renowned bestie selfie.

Now, if we can just get Kim to do the same for Israel and Palestine, we’ll be golden.