Kylie Jenner: Pissed at Sisters For Accepting Rob Kardashian-Blac Chyna Engagement?

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Last week, Kris Jenner arranged a family ski trip so that her daughters wouldn't have to be in the same state when the news about Rob Kardashian's engagement to Blac Chyna went public.

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Unfortunately, drama isn't like a dog. You can't just leave it at home and have someone else feed it while you're on vacation.

While in Vail, the ladies of the Kard clan (and their dudes) apparently clashed over the best way to deal with the news that Rob planned to marry Kylie's arch rival.

Apparently, Kylie thought she and her sisters would be having a mafia-style sit-down, at which they would hatch a plan how to break Rob and Blac up.

So she was understandably surprised to learn that Kris had come to terms with the relationship and wanted her daughters to do the same.

“Everyone on the trip was happy, except for Kylie and Tyga who left early, angry and abruptly,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“Just a day into the trip and amidst the Rob & Blac engagement announcement, Kylie and Tyga had a major disagreement with several family members.”

Not surprisingly, the trip was cut short, as has been the fate of every Kardashian family vacation in history:

“Among several issues, Kylie was not happy about how everyone was reacting to the engagement news," says the insider.

“After the dramatic argument, Kylie & Tyga jumped on a plane and aborted the family vacation. It was not cool and no one was happy about them leaving early.

"The whole blow-up was caught on KUWTK cameras and should be featured on the upcoming season.”

Gotta love how the source makes it sound like a camera crew just happened to be on have to catch the blow-out fight.

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