Lindsay Lohan Takes Career Cues From Shia LaBeouf; What Could Go Wrong?

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Lindsay Lohan has tried just about everything to regain her past relevance, but sadly, like the word "fetch," it's just not gonna happen.

So now that it looks as though her career is experiencing its last, painful gasps, she's taking a page from the playbook of a true Hollywood legend, a man who's weathered the storms and come out on top every time. That's right - Shia LaBeouf.

Lindsay Lohan Wears a Bag

Remember when Shia put a bag over his head and declared that he's "not famous anymore," and everyone decided that it was the ultimate douche move and that his career was basically over?

Well, apparently Linds thought about it yesterday and decided that's exactly the kind of pretentious BS she needs to get on board with.

"I'm not cool enough for LA," she captioned the pic above. "#tmp =toomanypawns #tmz =toomuchzealousness."

Obviously, TMZ refers to the popular gossip website, which doesn't really report on Lindsay these days, because why would it?

We looked up "TMP" and it has a number of different meanings on social media, ranging from "tactical machine pistol" to "touch my penis," so it's anyone's guess on that one.

This post comes on the heels of the news that Lindsay is moving in with her new boyfriend.

He's a 22-year-old Russian real estate agent who's supposedly going to "save" Lindsay's career and introduce some much-needed stability to her life.

So much for that.

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