Kylie Jenner Copies Kim Kardashian Nude Selfie Because OF COURSE SHE DOES

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Over the past couple years, we've seen Kylie Jenner gradually morph into her big sister Kim Kardashian.

The makeup. The butt selfies. The self-absorption. The rapper dating. The pout. The denial of plastic surgery.

All taken from pages in Kim's book on How to Cash In Hard While Simultaneously Making the World Hate Your Guts.

Kim's latest controversy is over a naked selfie she posted to Instagram earlier this week.

You know, this one:

Kim Kardashian: Nude Selfie 2016

For better or for worse, it got everyone talking about Kim again, and for the first time in months it wasn't about her messy relationship with husband Kanye West.

Nice Jedi mind trick, Kim!

But naturally, now Kim's copycat sibling wants in on the action.

She posted this pic to Instagram today, and while she isn't actually in her birthday suit, she sports a black swimsuit that emulates the black bars Kim used to cover her breasts and hoo-ha in her selfie.

Kylie Jenner in black bathing suit

Kylie's even striking a similar pose as her big sis: butt out, head tilted, camera in left hand - and taken in the bathroom, of course.

The lip kit creator has flip-flopped on the issue of whether or not she's actually trying to be like her sister - in one breath insisting she's her own person while flat-out admitting she wants to BE Kim in another.

But one thing's for certain: she definitely craves the same type of attention.

Over the past several months, Kylie's popularity has soared and she now competes with Kim as the most talked-about of their brood.

Could Kylie be upset that the focus has turned back to the OG internet breaker once again?

Not to worry, Kylie. You're only 18. There are plenty of nude selfies in your future.

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