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If you’ve been watching Kocktails With Khloe on FYI, then we suppose you can just skip this article.

Now that both of them are gone, here’s an interesting tidbit for the 7.3 billion or so who had no idea FYI was a cable channel. It turns out Kocktails With Khloe is more than just a alliterative title: the sassiest Kardashian really gets her guests hammered!

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Or at least, she really got the Jersey Shore’s most infamous drunken munchkin hammered, which may explain why Snooki tells a remarkably candid tale of Khloe being rude as hell in the clip above.

It’s no surprise that Snooki was one of Khloe’s first guests.

After all, only Scott Disick has rivaled Snooks in terms of reality star drunkenness, and we doubt the Lord will be stopping by for drinks anytime soon (what with the all the rehab and overdoses and whatnot).

Of course, in recent years, Snooki adopted a healthier lifestyle and become a sort of mascot for moms who still find time to workout and tan 8 times a week. 

So obviously, Ms. Polizzi’s tolerance isn’t what it used to be, which may explain why she got completely sh-tfaced while filming the show:

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"I was wasted," Snooki said of the experience in a recent interview.

"I had three [drinks], and I blacked out. So when I watched the episode I’m like, oh my god I don’t remember this, I’m slurring my words, you’re so embarrassing. So I don’t remember that whole interview."

That may explain why Snooks drunkenly lied her ass off in the clip above.

"I was like, ‘I have like ten brothers and sisters,’" said Snooki.

"I’m like ‘what are you talking about? It’s only like one or two’. So I exaggerated times ten. That was Snooki in the interview," she said. "My alter-ego." 

Yes, apparently Snooki and Nicole are two different people. She probably came up with that idea when she looked in the mirror one night and saw two different people.