Lamar Odom Looks Healthy! Ready For Fashion Week!

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If last night's sighting of Lamar Odom is any indication, then the former NBA player is making great strides in his recovery.

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Following an October 2015 overdose from herbal viagra, drugs and alcohol, Odom was pretty much a vegetable.  Khloe Kardashian and her family rushed to his side, and she hasn't left it much since.

The rest of Khloe's family is in New York City for Fashion Week, where Kanye West will show off his third collection for Adidas at Madison Square Garden February 11th.

"I'm having major FOMO! My entire family is in NYC but I couldn't go due to shooting Kocktails," Khloe tweeted on February 10th.

"I might have to hop on a flight after taping."

Last night, Khloe and Odom boarded a private plane at about 9pm local time, bound for New York, according to TMZ (complete with a photo).  Odom, wear a tan coat and headphones, was walking on his own and looked great.

Odom is living a few blocks from Khloe in her gated community, and he undergoes therapy at both the rental house and a local facility.

"Khloé continues to look after him," a source told People Magazine, adding that the two are at each other's places often.

"Whenever he leaves the house, he looks happy. He looks alert and often smiles. He is definitely looking more like the old Lamar.

"He can move around alone, and he can communicate much better. In the beginning, he couldn't talk at all," the source continued.

"He knows how much Khloé has been there for him, and he is so grateful. The therapy can be incredibly frustrating and he has hard moments, but Lamar is a former athlete.

He's strong. And he really wants to get better."

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