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Mother/daughter relationships can be complicated. One day you’re totally done with them and the next you want them by your side.

So it goes for Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina.

Dina Lohan Shares an Instagram Of Herself With Daughter, Lindsay

Yesterday, Lindsay took to Instagram and posted a drawing of a girl dropping a phone accompanied by the words, "WE’RE DONE." 

The caption, directed at her mother, read, "@dinalohan … Sometimes it sucks when your mom isn’t there for you."

Sounded like a clear message to us… except that she deleted it shortly thereafter.

Today, Lindsay posted another, friendlier throwback pic of her family, which included Dina, her brothers Mike and Cody and her sister Aliana.

Lindsay Lohan with mom Dina Lohan and family

"Mom @dinalohan come visit already!" she wrote in the caption, along with a prayer emoji.

Sounds like LiLo really misses her mom and is trying to get her attention.

But so far, we’ve heard no word from Dina. 

The pair have had a tumultuous relationship for some time, and Dina isn’t exactly in the running for any Mother of the Year awards.

Last year, Dina allegedly tried to sell some belongings her daughter had stored at her house, and Lindsay threatened to go to the police.

Lindsay managed to stay (mostly) out of the headlines for some time, but has recently been reverting back to some erratic behavior.

On New Year’s Eve, the Mean Girls star was reportedly thrown out of a bar after going on a racist rant against a bartender.

Then earlier this week, she posted and quickly deleted a photo of a bloody leg that included the caption, "Don’t stay with the wrong guy. There goes something that I thought was good. Be true to yourself and NEVER let a man hit you.”

In troubled times, it’s usually comforting when a mother comes to the aid of her daughter.

But when your mom is Dina Lohan, all bets are off.

What we’d REALLY like to see is this duo appear on Lifetime’s new reality show The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition.

It might not repair their relationship, but it would sure make some good TV.