Kris Jenner to Seek 5150 Psychiatric Hold for Rob Kardashian?!

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Over the last few weeks, Rob Kardashian's health situation has gone from bad to frightening, as the 28-year-old was diagnosed with diabetes - and made it clear to family and friends that he doesn't intent to do anything about it.

Kris Jenner, Rob Kardashian: Arthur George Socks

Rob has refused rehab and seems intent on continuing with the same bad habits that landed him in the hospital over the holidays.

Sources say the former reality star is currently hiding out in his bedroom at Khloe Kardashian's house, neglecting doctor's orders, and terrifying concerned loved ones.

His family has tried everything, including bribing Rob to seek treatment, and now, with his life potentially on the line, they're reportedly prepared to resort to drastic measures:

“Kris has said she would potentially try to implement a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold on Rob, because some of the Kardashians feel that his life could be in danger right now,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“He has refused Kris’s offer of $1 million to get the help he needs. He has also refused to let her give him a team of psychologists and therapists.”

Sources say the family became especially concerned after Rob cut ties with the one family member he had continued to confide in over the years:

“What is even worse is that he is no longer even opening up to Khloe anymore,” the source says.

Insiders claim that instead of seeing the diabetes diagnosis as a wakeup call, Rob now feels "defeated" and feels that he has nothing to live for.

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