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Ever since Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce from Johnny Galecki, there have been rumors about the the Big Bang Theory star hooking up with her castmate, Johnny Galecki.

This wasn’t the typical "they kiss on the show, so they must be banging in real life speculation." Cuoco and Galecki dated in real life before she got married, and he seems to have no problem adding fuel to the gossip fire by posting pics like this one:

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As you can (kinda) see, that’s a blurry photo of Johnny kissing a blonde woman on New Year’s Eve.

The caption doesn’t give us any clues as to the woman’s identity, and Johnny hasn’t clarified anything in the days since, despite speculation from fans that the pic is his way of confirming that he’s back together with Kaley.

It’s possible that his silence speaks volumes here – but it’s equally possible that that’s some other blonde woman, and Johnny just can’t be bothered to respond to every unfounded Internet rumor.

It’s worth noting that he’s recently been posting photos of some other blonde woman, who may or may not be his girlfriend.

However, it’s also worth noting that Johnny’s been posting lots of pics of Kaley, and several sources have confirmed that they’re spending more time together in the wake of her breakup.

So who knows? Maybe these two are on the verge of giving their relationship another chance – but maybe you’ll just have to watch The Big Bang Theory online and hope for the best for Leonard and Penny.