Kaley Cuoco: Cheating on Ryan Sweeting with Johnny Galecki?!

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Kaley Cuoco’s fairytale marriage to Ryan Sweeting hit an abrupt wall last weekend, as The Big Bang Theory beauty filed for divorce.

After just 21 months, she's left picking up the pieces, Ryan will never have to work again and fans are wondering: What went wrong?!

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting and Ryan Sweeting
Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki Photo

Few observers, honestly, were shocked by the couple's breakup.

And not just because the whole relationship had the feel of a teenage girl rebelling against her parents and dating a guy they hate out of spite.

Considering the following facts, this seemed doomed to fail:

  1. They dated for merely months before they married;
  2. Prior to that, she dated Henry Cavill for 10 days;
  3. Prior to that, she had just ended a "secret" relationship with Johnny Galecki, her real-life ex and co-star on CBS' smash hit sitcom.
  4. Prior to that, she was engaged to Johnny Resnik.

Not exactly a formula for success, but still, this is a woman who reminded the public just how much she loved Ryan every 10 minutes.

She even legally became Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting.

How could it go so wrong, and so quickly?!

Was it Ryan Sweeting's addiction to painkillers that caused her to pull the plug on the union, as one tabloid reported earlier this afternoon?

Or was it, as Celeb Dirty Laundry posits today, the fact that Kaley has baby fever and her tennis pro hubby didn’t want to get her pregnant?

(Yes, the site claims Ryan didn't want to put a baby in Kaley Cuoco, which is about the most dubious claim ever made by a gossip source.)

Whatever the reason, she had her people purge her Instagram of any trace of Ryan, while Johnny Galecki is still featured prominently.

Before Kaley and Ryan wed, the rumor was that Johnny was on the verge of proposing to girlfriend Kelli Garner ... which the actor did not.

Now he's conveniently free as well, and Kaley waits about 20 seconds before moving on in her love life, so it's enough to make you wonder.

Or not. But it's not hard to see how this rumor got started!

Hit the comments below to discuss, and be sure to watch The Big Bang Theory online, where we guarantee Kaley and Johnny are a thing.

Er, Leonard and Penny are a thing. For at least 21 months.

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