Justin Bieber Flirts With Ariana Grande, Gets Shot Down in Epic Fashion!

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If you have opinions worth having, then you probably already love Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande Grammys Pose

Whether the girl is tearing down body-shaming trolls or amusing us with spot-on impressions of Christina Aguilera, Ariana has proven time and again that she's the least-basic pop star since Miley Cyrus.

Maybe that's why she has no time for ultra-basic f--kboys like Justin Bieber.

It seems the Biebz was scrolling through his Instagram page (or stalking Ari's page, whatevs), when he saw a photo he liked and felt the need to leave a flirty comment.

"Damn Ariana u look so good," Justin wrote.

Naturally, there are millions of young women who would book the next flight to Ontario if they were to receive such a compliment from the Biebs.

Ariana is very clearly not one of them:

"lol no," Ariana replied. Moments later she clarified her reasons for shooting the Biebus down:

"not today satan !!!!!! gtg finish this music & live my cute, drama free life !!"

Yes, Ari not only shot the man down, she drew his attention to what the rest the world has known for quite some time:

Bieber is a drama tornado and anyone in his vicinity just gets sucked into the cyclone.

Something tells us we won't be seeing any more Justin Bieber-Ariana Grande collaborations in the near future.

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