El Chapo: Caught Because of Sean Penn?!

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As you may have heard, Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was recently apprehended after escaping from a Mexican prison back in July.

Guzman wields a tremendous amount of power in his home country, and after six months on the lam, international authorities reportedly began to question whether Mexicans authorities would be able to re-capture the head of the world's largest criminal empire. Perhaps that's why the US decided to intervene by offering up the services of our red-faced, booze-addled secret weapon - Sean Penn.

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Confused? So is the rest of the world.

On Saturday night, Rolling Stone published a bizarre 11,000-word article in which Penn boasted about a secretive rendezvous with Guzman, during which, the international fugitive granted Penn an exclusive interview.

Of course, at this time, El Chapo was the world's most wanted criminal, so Penn could find himself in legal trouble for failing to report his whereabouts.

But perhaps the most amazing part of this baffling story is that the authorities might be the least of Penn's concerns.

The Associated Press is now reporting that Penn unwittingly played a role in Guzman's arrest, which might well make the actor a marked man.

Moments ago, the news agency tweeted, "BREAKING: Mexican official says drug lord Guzman's interview with actor Sean Penn led Mexican forces to his whereabouts."

It wasn't Penn's intention to lead the cops to their man, but it seems Mexican law enforcement officials were tracking him - along with Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, who served as a go-between - throughout his communications with Guzman.

Whoops. Obviously, we hope Penn isn't in any danger from Guzman's cartel, but he may want to keep a low profile for the time being.

Sure, El Chapo once threatened to kill Donald Trump, but that doesn't mean he's cool with all rage-aholic American blowhards. 

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