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Last month, Jenelle Evans’ first husband, Courtland Rogers, was arrested for heroin possession, failure to appear in court and multiple probation violations.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that at a hearing held this morning, Courtland was sentenced to 36 months in prison.

Rogers was married to Jenelle for just 18 months beginning in 2012.

Courtland Rogers Mugshot 2020

At the time, they were both in the grips of serious drug addictions, and they experienced several brushes with the law during their short time together.

The couple was arrested on a slew of charges just five months after they married. Courtland and Jenelle got divorced just over a year after that incident.

While Jenelle’s life remains tumultuous, she’s reportedly been sober for over a year. Courtland, however, is evidently still struggling with addiction.

With good behavior, Rogers could be released from prison in as little as 20 months.

Insiders who attended his hearing today say that the troubled 29-year-old assured the judge that he has not used heroin in 45 days.

Jenelle completely severed ties with Courtland after their 2014 divorce, and she has yet to comment on his current troubles.

Here’s hoping Courtland gets the help he needs, so that he might avoid racking up a mug shot collection the size of Jenelle’s: