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Over the past week, Leah Remini has given a number of candid interviews about her time as a member of the Church of Scientology.

Remini has gone into detail about why she left Scientology. She’s made shocking allegations about the sexual harassment she suffered as a young member of the Church.

But perhaps it’s not surprising that the comments that are garnering the most attention are Leah’s criticisms of Scientology’s golden boy, Tom Cruise.

Remini’s new memoir, which hits stores today, details several incidents of shocking behavior from Cruise.

In an excerpt released yesterday, Remini claimed that she once saw Cruise and Katie Holmes neglect their daughter, as Suri – who was just 7 months old at the time – laid screaming on a bathroom floor.

Leah’s latest revelations are pretty tame by comparison, but they still paint a picture Cruise as a seriously troubled and possibly abusive man.

In new excerpts from Remini’s book obtained by Radar Online, the actress opens up about her time as a member of Cruise’s handpicked inner-circle – and all the bizarre behavior she witnessed during that very strange time in her life.

Remini writes that she was one of several Hollywood stars to be chosen for the Cruise Crew, but notes that big-name Scientologists such as John Travolta and Kirstie Alley were excluded from the group.

“I had heard that Tom didn’t like them,” Remini writes.

She goes on to say that remaining in Tom’s good graces meant engaging in weirdly childlike activities, such as massive games of hide and seek.

According to Remini, Cruise’s childishness extends to his temper, and she recalls seeing him berate an assistant who Cruise believed had forgotten the cookie dough necessary for an afternoon of baking with his “friends.”

“Get in the f–king present time, is what you need to do!” Cruise reportedly screamed. “It was horrible to watch someone I admired come undone, and even worse to witness the fear in the assistant’s eyes.”