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In case you weren’t reminded of it 47 times on social media, October 3 was “Mean Girls Day” – so called because Lindsay Lohan says the date in the movie, and the Internet exists for the purpose of beating obscure references into the ground.

Obviously, no one was more excited about this than LiLo herself, because when you’ve only done one good thing in your life, you’ll take any opportunity to celebrate it.

We’re sure the members of Chumbawamba throw a huge party to mark the anniversary of the release of “Tubthumping” every year. Same idea.

Of course, Lindsay isn’t content to just look back on her past successes. She’s still delusionally planning her big comeback, and as she’s said in the past, her plans involve an Oscar and a Mean Girls sequel. Seriously.

So naturally, on Saturday, Lindsay posted about a dozen references to what’s really the only successful movie that she starred in as an adult, and she capped the day off with an Instagram post reading, “Next step: #MEANMOMS (I’m trying to make it happen!)”

Sadly, we don’t think Lindsay got her own Gretchen Wieners reference with the “trying to make it happen” part. Otherwise, she would realize that “Mean Moms” is like “fetch”: 

It’s kinda lame, and no one cares about making it “happen” except for her.

Hopefully, Lindsay will get back to running around naked at weddings and dancing on yachts, and let go of this silly “being an actress that actually gets paid to be in movies” dream. It’s just sad at this point.