Daniel Radcliffe Admits to Being Drunk on Harry Potter Set, Shades Tom Cruise

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When you see footage of Daniel Radcliffe rapping an Eminem song in its entirety at a bar, you might assume the dude has had a few.

But as he's said in numerous interviews, Radcliffe hasn't touched a drop in several years, having sworn off the sauce after losing control of his drinking in his late teens and early twenties.

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Of course, during that time, Radcliffe was also filming the final installments of the Harry Potter franchise, and he's repeatedly dodged questions about whether or not he performed any drunkus at workus spells on set.

In a new interview with Playboy, however, Radcliffe opens up about everything from boozing to masturbation, and it turns out he did, in fact, sip a little firewhiskey in the halls of Hogwarts:

"I can say lots of well-meaning stuff—why it happened and how I stopped—for three hours, and the headline would be DRUNK ON THE SET OF HARRY POTTER," Radcliffe said. "So I don’t talk about it as much now."

We understand Daniel's reluctance to talk about his sobriety, and we hate to fulfill his splashy headline prophecy, but c'mon - "drunk on the Harry Potter set" is too good to pass up.

In the same interview, Daniel was asked about the challenges of being a short guy in Hollywood, and he had this to say:

"Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise have very different careers, and they’re both about the same height as I am...If you’re asking, 'Can you play a really fucking tall person?' No, obviously not."

It's an interesting comment that some folks are interpreting as shade, because 1. Tom Cruise does attempt to play tall dudes (which Daniel seems to think is lame), and 2. He's "officially" several inches taller than Radcliffe (who cops to being 5'5").

We're guessing he didn't intend to call Tom out for lying about his height, but we like when other celebs confirm that Cruise's Xenu thetans didn't actually help him sprout to six foot.

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