Castle Season 8 Episode 4 Recap: WTF, Beckett?

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We opened Castle Season 8 Episode 4 with Martha confronting Kate Beckett and asking her the questions on the minds of most viewers:


Granted, we're paraphrasing a bit here.

But Rick’s mother showed up at the 12th precinct to ask Beckett what was going on, to which the Caption said she has no plans to divorce her son.

Okay, fine then. Good. But Martha urged her daughter-in-law to be honest (“with yourself, and with your husband") throughout this ordeal, reminding Beckett:

"My son is a lot of things…. but he is someone you can always count on. And that’s a rare thing, kiddo.”

Can we get a standing ovation for Martha, please? Thanks.

From there, however, this installment felt a lot like Castle Season 8 Episode 3, as Rick went around trying to find a reason to get it on a breaking murder case (at least Alexis was by his side this time around).

We were treated to more of Espo and Ryan, however.

The former pushed his cash-strapped partner to take the sergeant’s exam, which led to Ryan actually take the final available spot. But any feud was quelled by the duo’s captain, who assured the pair (the “bozos,” in her parlance) that the department could finagle an extra test spot.

We also learned this week that Rick is giving Ryan $500 per week to give him leads on homicide cases; he defended the deal by arguing that Ryan isn’t exactly protecting classified information here.

But still. Really, Rick?!?

Finally, regarding the for the LOKCSAT situation, Beckett pored over old newspaper articles about Bracken's bust prior to enlisting a CSI to run some tests on the heroin seized from Vulcan Simmons.

But to what eventual end? And is this really worth her split from Rick?

Will you be sticking around for Castle Season 8 Episode 5? Or is the division of the show's two main leads making you anxious to pull a Kate Beckett and break up with Castle?

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