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Though we generally love to hate former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolicak, it is difficult to feel the love when she continually lies about having plastic surgery.

Among the rumors, Kim Zolciak has denied having a nose job.  Rumors also suggest that Kim got butt implants. But no matter how different she looks from picture to picture, she continually says she hasn’t undergone any plastic surgery.

B*tch, please.

The reality star recently posted a throwback picture on Instagram, and she looks NOTHING like the Kim Zolciak we know today.

Just looking at a side-by-side of Kim’s face proves that she has had a ton of work done:

Kim Zolciak Throwback
Kim Zolciak Face

We’d love to say that Kim looks great both then and now.  But she is starting to look manufactured.  Lay off the knife, Kimberly.

Unless she fesses up to her plastic surgery, we can’t determine all the details of her work.  But we are certain those lips aren’t real.  Or her boobs.  Or butt.  Or nose.

The saddest part is that her obsession with plastic surgery is rubbing off on her oldest daughter, 18-year-old Brielle. Reportedly, Kim bought her daughter a boob job for graduation.