Brandi Glanville to Joanna Krupa: Admit That Your Vagina Smells!

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Back in 2013, Brandi Glanville claimed that Joanna Krupa has a smelly vagina during an interview with Andy Cohen.

It's not every day that you turn on the TV and people are talking about the odor of your genitals. (If that does happen to you every day, you may want to reconsider some of the decisions you've made in your life.)

Even so, most folks would fire off an angry tweet and be done with it. But not Joanna.

Joanna Krupa: Real Housewife
Brandi Glanville in Red

No, Ms. Krupa decided to sue Glanville for...defamation of vagina?

We're not really sure, but the important thing is that the case has now gone to trial, and Joanna may be regretting her decision to put herself in the position where she has to talk about her vaginal hygiene with total strangers.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the courtroom transcripts and we think there's something decidedly fishy about the questions from Brandi's lawyers:

  • "Is it your contention in this lawsuit that your vagina and/or vulva are odorless?
  • "If yes, please explain with specificity why your vagina and/or vulva are odorless."
  • "When you walk into a room, do people ask if you've been sleeping in a dumpster behind a Long John Silver's?" 

Okay, we may have made that last one up, but still - these are not questions that anyone wants to answer in public, and it seems pretty clear that Brandi's lawyers are hoping to humiliate Joanna into dropping the suit.

Speaking of dropping things, has anyone ever applied nose plugs before picking something up off the ground in your presence? Answer the question, Ms. Krupa!

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