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Rumors that Beyonce and Jay Z are divorcing have been running rampant (again).  But if there truly is a divorce in their future, it might be on hold for just a while longer.

According to a new report in In Touch Magazine, Beyonce is pregnant with baby number two!!

The magazine dished that Jay Z and Beyonce were finally about to call it quits once and for all when they were surprised with Beyonce’s pregnancy.

A source close to the couple said, “Right when she made up her mind that she was finally leaving Jay, within days she found out that she is pregnant. She took two home pregnancy tests and both came back positive.”

When Jay-Z found out his wife was pregnant, he seemed to change his tune.  He took Beyonce on an Italian vacation to repair their relationship.

Could this baby save their marriage???

It’s doubtful.  If anything, the baby will likely complicate an already complicated situation.  But for now, they seem to be bandaging their wounds with the excitement of a new baby.

In Touch also mentioned that Jay Z and Beyonce are in couples therapy.  So they seem to be making a real attempt at saving their marriage.

Beyonce has a lot on her plate right now.  Not only is she dealing with her career and a potential divorce, the pregnancy is taking a toll on her.

The source disclosed, “She is having a pretty rough pregnancy so far, with pretty bad morning sickness. It has been emotionally trying as well.” 

Last week, we reported that Beyonce has moved out of the home she shares with Jay Z.  But if the rumor of this baby is true, she might find herself under the same roof with him again.