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Remember when Sarah Silverman was just that crude, goofy, but oddly brilliant comic who showed up stoned to the Emmys and held her own with the raunchiest bro-medians at Comedy Central Roasts?

Well, she’s still all those things, but now she has huge boobs:

Sarah Silverman Cleavage Photo

To be fair, she might have always had huge boobs, and we’re just noticing for the first time because of the incredibly low-cut dress that Sarah wore to last night’s Hollywood Foreign Press banquet.

In any event, we’d like to express our approval. At 44, it seems that Sarah is funnier, more charming and better-dressed with each passing year. You might say she’s pulling a reverse Adam Sandler.

Yes, while her fellow SNL-alum has chosen to live his life in sweatpants and remake the same crappy movie over and over, Sarah is still delivering the goods in more ways than one.

She’s taking on challenging projects like Showtime’s Masters of Sex and challenging the men of the world to maintain eye-contact with her impressive rack.

Before anyone accuses us of being sexist for our assessment of Sarah’s body, let the record show that we also assessed Adam Sandler, and found him to be terrible in every way.

Plus, our appreciation for Sarah has less to do with her looks and more to do with bits like "I’m F-cking Matt Damon." Wait…she’s singing about sex in that song. Maybe we are sexist!