Kylie Jenner: Back to Braids!

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Cue the Amandla Steinberg outrage in 3… 2… 1…

A photo has surfaced on Instagram of Kylie Jenner rocking some cornrows in honor of her 18th birthday.

Kylie Jenner in Braids

It's unclear exactly when this photo was snapped and/or in what context, but Kylie just turned 18 on Monday. So, based on her glasses in the photo above, it's safe to assume the picture is fairly recent.

Just last month, Kylie went with a similar look and drew a rebuke from Steinberg, who slammed Jenner for appropriating “black features and culture,” yet failing to use her “position of power” to actually help African-Americans.

The young Hunger Games star said Kylie should use her influence to bring attention to issues such as "police brutality or racism," not one's hair style.

Steinberg brings up interesting points, that's for sure, but we doubt Jenner will be responding to them any time soon.

She and Tyga jetted down to Mexico this week to enjoy a nice, romantic vacation as a couple in love.

Then, when she gets back, Kylie reportedly has an offer to consider: Now that she's 18, does she want to do porn?!?

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