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Condolences continue to pour in for Frank Gifford, the football and broadcasting legend who died at home on Sunday at the age of 84.

But none more heartfelt and emotional than the tribute to Gifford that aired this morning on The Today Show.

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Led by Hoda Kotb – who anchors the fourth hour of the NBC program on a daily basis with Frank’s now-widow, Kathie Lee Gifford – various Today anchors and reporters shared their memories of the late Hall of Famer.

The words of Kotb stood out, however, because she shared with us what Kathie Lee said in the wake of her husband’s surprising death.

"She said this is not a tragedy,” Kotb said told colleagues and viewers.

"I was holding her hand, and she said, ‘A 4-year-old girl having cancer is a tragedy.’ She said Frank lived to be almost 85. She said he lived an incredible life, has an incredible family and an incredible legacy.

"She said his life is a triumph."

That’s some pretty amazing perspective from someone who just lost her husband.

Gifford was 84 years old, but was not suffering from any kind of illness at the time of his passing.

He was married to Kathie Lee since 1986 and is remembered in the sports world for his career as star quarterback and also for his career as an Emmy-winning play-by-play analyst.

"Thank you Hoda and Jenna for your love and beautiful tribute to Frank," Kathie Lee Tweeted this morning after watching her friends on Today. "I’m in tears."

We send our thoughts and prayers to all members of the Gifford family.