Ashley Madison List Reveals Women Users Almost All Fake

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The now-infamous Ashley Madison hack has resulted in a virtual avalanche of scandals, most notably pertaining to Josh Duggar's sex life.

It has also revealed some interesting information such as what U.S. cities, states, and schools cheaters hail from, and who those users are.

To wit, they were almost all men ... talking to each other.

That's right, almost all of the women on there are fake.

Ashley Madison Fake

This isn't altogether surprising for two reasons:

  1. The hackers who breached and exposed Ashley Madison's user database even said they were motivated in large part by this specific fraud;
  2. Obviously, as sham websites and money-making schemes go, baiting married men to cheat on their wives is way easier than vice versa.

An in-depth analysis of the data confirms what the hackers alleged when the site, whose stated goal is to help people have affairs, was compromised.

Officially, there are 31 million Ashley Madison accounts apparently belonging to men, and about 5 million belonging to women. About a 6.2:1 ratio.

However, a large number of female accounts were linked to ashleymadison (dot) com addresses, suggesting that they had been created internally.

Moreover, 350 female accounts for people with the same (and unusual) last name exist, and that's just scratching the surface of the sham:

  • Only 1,492 of the women in the database ever opened their inboxes on the site, compared with more than 20 million men who did.
  • Only 2,409 of the women used the site's chat function, compared to more than 11 million men, including Christian vlogger Sam Rader.

That's right ... fewer than 4,000 female humans used the site, meanwhile millions of men wrote, chat and forked over cash to do who knows what.

And then their information wasn't secured!

Bottom line: You can expect some serious lawsuits (justified or not) from some seriously pissed off, still-unsatisfied dudes shortly.

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