Taylor Swift Thanks Lady Gaga for Casting "Magic" Love "Spell"

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According to one of the stars at the center of the Taylor Swift-Calvin Harris romance, these two stars are insanely happy together.

And Swift says she has one person to thank for her ongoing relationship with the popular DJ:

Lady Gaga?!?

Taylor Swift in UK

Over the weekend, a fan of Swift's Tweeted the following message:

"I pride myself on still thinking love can be like a romantic comedy but sometimes I just think I'm behind and just won't catch up."

Taylor then replied by referring to the Queen Monster:

"Go read Gaga's tweet that she sent me a few months ago. It's good love luck. Because it's not a tweet. It's a magical spell."

Gaga's tweet in question was unveiled in March after Swift gave props to Gaga for getting engaged to Taylor Kinney because she is "really living right now."

Lady Gaga wrote back to Swift's kind words with:

"Wow you're a sweetheart! Life is friends, family, and love! We all see that in you, your prince charming will come!"

Not long afterward, Swift did find her Prince Charming in the form of Harris. The two have been inseparable for weeks.

On July 18, meanwhile, Gaga shared a shot of The Little Mermaid's Ariel and Eric, writing along with it:

".@taylorswift13 I only cast happy spells! Unless there's bad blood. I have a separate cauldron for that. Happy for u."

We love it. And we also can't wait to see Gaga become the next star to join Swift on stage during a concert.

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