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Bill Cosby is, like, totally guilty of being a rapist.

In case the confession over dozens of women that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them were not sufficient evidence, a deposition from a 2005 civil case was made public this month.

In the leaked documents, Cosby admitted to purchasing Quaaludes with the intent of using them on victims; and also admitted to paying off accuser Andrea Constand in order to keep her quiet.

This is one terrible human being, folks.

Speaking to The Philadelphia Inquirer, however, Cosby’s attorney tried to shift the focus from his unethical client to the fact that depositions documents somehow made their way on to the Internet.

"How that deposition became public without being court-sanctioned is something we are going to pursue and deal with very vigorously," Patrick O’Connor told the newspaper on Sunday, adding:

"It’s an outrage that the court processes weren’t followed here."

That may be true. But it’s somehow overshadowed by the outrageous actions actually detailed in the deposition.

The papers find Cosby admitting that he had sex with Constand, a Temple University employee, after claiming he gave her Benadryl to relieve stress.

According to excerpts published by The New York Times, Cosby encouraged Constand to tell her mother “about the orgasm” she had in their interaction after the mother accused Cosby of molesting her daughter.

He also confessed to writing Constand a check in order to ensure his wife never learned of the affair.