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Molly Sims’ life is better than yours…and mine…and everyone else’s.

This past March, Molly Sims gave birth to a baby girl named Scarlett.  Now, the mom of two is opening up about her role as a mother. 

Molly Sims in Dress
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In an interview with People Magazine, she reminds everyone that her life is easier than everyone else’s.

Anyone who has spent time with a newborn baby will cringe when Molly tells People Magazine, “I don’t know why, but I make calm babies. She’s probably cried six times in her whole life! I don’t know how.”

I’ve cried six times this month.  I cried twice yesterday.  STFU, Molls.

Even though Scarlett, 4, and her big brother Brooks Alan, 3, are quiet and calm children, she claims being a mother of two children makes things “very busy.”

“Having two kids is definitely a game-changer,” says the supermodel.

For a moment, she does let on that her life isn’t perfect 100% of the time.  Even supermodels worry.

She claims, “I had much more trepidation with Brooks because I didn’t know what I was doing.”

But once she got over that, it was back to perfection:

“With [Scarlett], it’s like, ‘Okay, you’re pooping, you’re eating, you’re drinking — we’re good!’ In that way, it’s been really good.”

Having a girl also affords Molly the time to worry about first world things like cute baby clothes. “I always thought I was a boy mom, but I have never had so much fun dressing anyone in my life!” she says. 

Molly adds, “I’ve become the cliché I didn’t think I’d become. It’s like, ‘What do you want to wear today? Pink or hot pink?’”

Little baby Scarlett has “just started smiling,” and Brooks adores her. “We were FaceTiming with them the other day and he said, ‘I need to see baby sister!’ He loves her,” she exclaims.

I wonder where they were that they were FaceTiming with Brooks. Vacationing in Tahiti?

Molly Sims is the author of the book The Everyday Supermodel.  

Even that title is infuriating.  I was not an everyday supermodel yesterday as I wrote articles in my underwear, while eating a flatbread pizza in my sheet-less bed and trying to work in five minutes to wash my hair.  And I’m not even a mother!